About Leslie

I was first introduced to stitching with thread by my grandmother, Nana. I remember spending weekend nights at her house; she sat on the edge of her corner couch cushion, needle point loom under her fingers. I was fascinated by how one tiny strand of thread woven over itself hundreds and hundreds of times turned into beautiful patterns, landscapes, shapes and text. As a young 10 year old girl, my Nana did something that forever changed my life - taught me how to cross stitch. Practice, passion, and time has turned this skill into an embroidery business. I am still amazed that all it takes is one strand of thread. The love of my Nana flows through me into every item that I embroider. My hope is that this love transfers to your family as you dress your little one in Scribblez Clothing, as it does in mine each time I dress one of my 4 kids. 

“Embrace the Chaos” is our family motto. All credit goes to my husband for saying it first because when you are pregnant and give birth to 3 children within 3.5 years, things are a little chaotic!!! Our life is beautiful and wonderful. We are so blessed! So to all the mothers out there, whether you have 1 child or 10 no matter how crazy/chaotic things seem, just embrace it and go with it. As long as no one is getting hurt, of course 😉.